Want to Be a Guest On Steve Harvey Show?

Steve Harvey Show

As you know, Steve Harvey is the new guy in town and you have a a chance to be a guest on his show. Here are a few of the topics you can sign up for. Visit the site to learn more.

Want to propose to your girlfriend?

Did you read Steve Harvey’s book, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”?

Do you let your kids run the roost and now you want to take control back?

Does your child need to learn the value of a dollar?

Tired of your man ignoring you during football season?

Need help finding your backbone?

Have you been on The Steve Harvey Show? How was your experience?


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  1. Just want to note here, I have been trying send Steve, a new show topic ideal. It has been just an endless loop back to step 1. So I don’t know if he got it. Just wanted to let you know there seems to be something wrong with Steves Web site.

  2. Four of five.. You don’t even get a submittal conformation. Click Submit and it loops back to the list of topic choices, Loop. back again, Loop Back again.
    I apologize if my submission went though too many times. That wasn’t my intention. For my little bit of trouble, could you let me know when the problem is fixed. If maybe my submission didn’t get though at all.
    Thanx Mike

  3. I don’t work with the Steve Harvey show; I just posted this info on my site. I would encourage you to try to get your story to Mr. Harvey in a creative way.

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