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Are Companies More Interested in “Food Deserts” or Their Pocketbooks?

I read a story in US Today about First Lady Michelle Obama teaming up with grocers nationwide to bring fresh fruits and other healthy foods to “food deserts” in low income communities. The articles listed Walmart, Walgreens, and SuperValu chains providing stepping up to help in this area. But I have a few thoughts on this.

First, would these companies had actually cared about the health of low income people had the First Lady not made health and nutrition a priority? I would say no!  They see an opportunity to make more money.

Second, I’m a little leery about the QUALITY of the fruits and vegetables they are going to bring. Just because they say they are going to provide it  doesn’t mean they are going to give low income people good stuff. So, is this a way to exploit low income people in lieu of their pocketbooks?

Third, will their prices will be comparable or lower than grocery store prices? Generally speaking, prices for everything are higher in low income communities. Yes, low income people pay more for everything. Totally bassackwards but so true. So, are these companies going to pimp low income residents on prices even though these foods are needed.

What are your thoughts about big food companies interest in “food deserts?”