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Response from Connie Thorps about Clothing Assistance from CTU

Clothing Assistance

To all of the Chicago Public School parents who completed applications for the clothing assistance from the Chicago Teacher’s Union:

I just wanted to let you know that I did speak with Ms. Thorps on Monday, and was told that the applications have gone to the reviewing committee, and parents just have to be patient.

If this answer in unsatisfactory, you may contact Ms. Thorps directly at 312-329-6259.

Updated 8/12: $200 Clothing Vouchers for Chicago Public School Students

Click here for updated information about school clothing assistance.


How To Obtain a $200 Carson Pirie Scott Clothing Voucher

This information tells you how to obtain a $200 Chicago Public School clothing voucher, not Carson Pirie Scott.

* Student must attend a CPS school (K-12)
* Contact your child’s school and ask for a CTU (Chicago Teachers Union) delegate
* The delegate will contact Connie Thorps at CPS for an application.

That was the message that was on Ms. Thorps voicemail when I called to confirm if this was true. If you know anything different, please let me know.

Please note that you can only get a voucher every other year. You will not be eligible next year.

Contact your child’s school for more details.