Seeking Powerful Men & Women on the South Side

For the past two years I’ve published a listing of Powerful Men and Women on the South Side. I was unable to do so this year, but I’m preparing for next year.

If you know of men and women who LIVE on the South Side that are doing great things at work, school or in the community, this is your chance to give them the recognition they deserve. You can even nominate yourself.

The purpose of this series is to spotlight people that you won’t see on the news. So, I’m not looking for pastors, politicians or rich or famous folks. I’m looking for ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Submissions Instructions

Send the following information to with “Powerful South Siders” in the subject line by Friday, December 30, 2016.

  1. Bio of up to 200 words
  2. Picture (no logos and other representative images)
  3. There is no age limit.

Bios that exceed 200 words will be returned and submissions after December 30th will not be considered. The Powerful Men and Women listing will be published in February 2017.

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