Neighborhood Libraries Will Be Closed on Mondays

Chicago Public Library

Yep, you read correctly. Neighborhood libraries will be closed on Monday. However, Harold Washington Library Center, the Sulzer Regional Library and the Woodson Regional Library will keep their regular schedules. These closings, along with 181 layoffs, were solutions to the $6.7 million library budget cut.

A few questions came to mind.

  1. How do these changes affect the remaining employees’ salaries?
  2. What does this mean for the people whose only access to computers is at the neighborhood library?
  3. Have the people whose abuse of funds and other unethical actions that helped result in this economic calamity been affected by the city’s budget cuts at all? Or, do they still have their jobs so they can wreak more havoc, which will result in yet more layoffs?
  4. When the city’s financial house get back in order, will they reverse these actions?

I digressed. But, it would be great to have these questions answered. What are your feelings on the neighborhood library closings?



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