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  1. Hi Shorty, just want to say I really enjoy and appreciate what you’re doing for South Side history. I’m the University Archivist at IIT, which sits on so many of the great locations of 1920s Bronzeville. I’m trying to make the IIT community more aware of the rich history of its surrounding community. Was just reading your essay on Joyland Amusement Park; that’s where my car is parked right now (it’s now largely just a parking lot). I’d love to meet and chat with you some day.

  2. Hi Ralph, thank you for stopping through. I’m trying to best to spread the word about the accomplishment on this side of town. I’ll email you so we can schedule a time to chat. Also, I’ll be presenting Chicago’s Roller Skating history at 1:00 p.m. at Mather’s Cafe, 33 E. 83rd Street, March 11th.

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