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Community Alert: Attempted Child Luring Around 98th & Sangamon

Community Alert- Attempted Child Abduction

What South Siders Can Expect from the New Governor…Whomever It May Be

I tweeted Governor Pat Quinn and gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner to ask if they thought it would be easier to win the lottery or get a good paying job in Illinois. Here’s the conversation.

Twitter Convo with Gov Quinn

When I tweeted these guys, I did expect a response.

As you see, Rauner did not respond which is probably a good indication of what South Siders, or people who earn less than $10 dollars a year, can expect if he’s elected governor. We WILL be ignored.

When Quinn first responded, I was a little amused by his initial response. However, when I responded with stats and facts and he responded with that stupid answer, I was not happy.

After re-reading his response, I had to think about the fact that, again, this is what South Siders should expect if this guy gets in.

1) Your chances of winning the lottery will be better than getting a job – even if you don’t play the lottery.

2) You’ll probably get roundabout answers to your questions, if you get a response at all.

3) We will continue to get screwed if we don’t hold these people accountable.

So, as you can see, this upcoming governor’s race is purely a gamble. And based on the responses from these two candidate South Siders are going to lose regardless of who wins the race.

Community Safety Alert from Chicago State – September 11, 2014

Chicago State University issued this safety alert after learning of the sexual assault of a young lady near the campus at 9800 S. Indiana. In addition to warning students and community members to be aware, this is a call for anyone who knows anything to contact CSU Police at (773) 995-2111.

Safety Alert - Chicago State

Want to Learn Social Media? Come to Our Session on September 23, 2014

There are so many individuals and small business owners who say they do not understand social media. I understand. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on with social media and it’s overwhelming.

Well, my team – Marki Lemons-Rhyal, Toure Muhummad and Scott Stewart – and I will be presenting “Get Heard Above the Noise” at Social Media Week Chicago 2014. You will learn general and specific tips and techniques on how to get heard on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Register for our session on Social Media Week’s site today!

Get Heard Above the Noise on Social Media

Got Time to Volunteer? High School Seniors at ACE Technical High School Need You on September 18th

Essay Workshop at ACE Technical

Ace Technical Charter High School needs volunteers to help 2th graders edit their college essays during on Thursday, September 18th from 8:30am-12:30pm. Volunteers will work with students one-on-one and in small groups. No training or previous experience is required, simply an enthusiastic attitude and grammatical know-how.

Click here to register for the Writing Workshop.

Contact Lydia K. Young, Director of College and Career, ACE Tech Charter High School at 773-548-8705, x. 1512 or for more information.


Image: Registration form for Essay Workshop