6 Reasons Why You Should Fire Your Alderman in 2015

Hi y’all,

I’m back and I’m on fire. With everything going on locally, nationally and globally, it’s just too much.

On the home front, I’m very agitated with our leadership. As we approach the gubernatorial elections in November and the aldermanic elections in February 2015, I just want to remind you that you have the power to change things, and you need to exercise that power.

If you are unhappy with how things are going closer to home, consider firing your alderman. Read my article that was published in this week’s Chicago Independent Bulletin newspaper to learn at least six reasons why you should fire your alderman.

Why You Should Fire Your Alderman - Marcie Hill

Taking A Break – Will Return in August


I need a break and now is a good time to take one. I will not be blogging during the month of July unless

  1. I have information I want to share;
  2. there is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed; or
  3. something so amazing happens that it cannot be ignored.

There will be a delay in responses to comments and e-mails; know that I am not ignoring you. Also, there will be no blogging seminars while I’m breaking.


Diversity in Blogging and Social Media – Tuesday, July 30, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
I will be speaking how different groups use and interact on social media and blogs
Technology for Women Meetup
West Monroe Partners – 222 W. Adams

3rd Annual Writer’s Block Party – Saturday, August 16, 2014 -  1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
I will be a panelist discussing tools and strategies on how to promote your book.
Gail Borden Public Library  -  270 N. Grove Avenue in Elgin, IL

I will return sometime in August. Until we meet again, have a wonderful and safe summer.


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Chicagoans Earning Less than $1 Million Dollars NEED to Read This Book

Mayor 1% - Kari Lydersen

I had the honor of meeting Kari Lydersen, a highly accomplished Chicago journalist and the author of this book, Mayor 1%: Rahm Emanuel and the Rise of Chicago’s 99%, at an event held by the Community Media Workshop and she was so cool. And this book is amazing.

You need to read this book ASAP! Election year for city council is next year.

If you don’t really like reading, you need to make an exception for this book. If you don’t feel like time you have time to read; make it!

Other People who need to read this book

  • Low-income (you’re so far away from his 1% that you don’t even matter)
  • Chicago Public Teachers
  • Librarians
  • Unions
  • Any city worker that has been laid off because of budget cuts (this really means that your previous salary is making the owner of a private company richer)
  • People experiencing mental health challenges
  • South Siders (who haven’t sold out)
  • West Siders (who haven’t sold out)
  • Politicians who aren’t afraid to lose their jobs
  • Seniors who have lost benefits because of “budget cuts”
  • Any body else who has been slighted for any reason during his tenure

And if you are one of the few Chicagoans who earn less than $1 million and don’t feel like you’ve been screwed with no lube, this article in Pando Daily tells how Mayor Emanuel is cutting pensions of city workers to pad the pockets of his campaign donors.

Anyway, if you’re interested in getting to know your mayor better, order your copy today!


Image: www.chicagoreader.com

7 Resources to Promote Your Books, Businesses & Events Without Busting Your Budget

Marketing is the biggest investment any business can make, and you have to invest in it if you want to get the visibility needed to sell yourself, your products and your services.

There are tons of resources in Chicago to promote your books, businesses and events. Some are free; many are not. Following are seven resources you can use to promote your ventures to large audiences without busting your budget.

Note: I am merely a messenger; I do not work for these companies. Visit the sites – by clicking on the links or the images – to get the name and contact information of the owners, as well as details about their services.Bean Soup TimesBean Soup Times has approximately 17,000 email subscribers, and thousands of social media friends, followers, and likes.


Get in front of over 100,000 urban professionals on Black Folks Hot Spots.

BronzeComm - Raynard Hall
The Bronzecomm Newsletter is circulated to a highly targeted audience via email and social media twice per week to 20,000+ readers.


Olashay Strategic Marketing Solutions does digital marketing for entrepreneurs to an audience of 19,000.

Soleil's To-Dos

Want to promote your culturally diverse events to an audience of over 20,000 culturally diverse individuals? Soleil’s To-Dos is for you.

Ujamaa Network

Committed to promoting black businesses, the Ujamaa Network can get your ventures in front of approximately 23,000 people.

What You Need IsWhat You Need Is… has over 36,000 e-mail subscribers and super active presence on several social media sites.

What About You?

Have you used any of the resources you can use to promote your books, businesses and events. What was your experience?

Do you know of other promotional resources that are not on the list?

Share your info in the comment box below.

Friends & Family Day of Fun – July 12th

Join Peer Plus Education & Training Advocates for an All Survivors Friends & Family Day of Fun on Saturday, July 12, 2014. This fun day will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Kroc Center, 1250 W. 119th St.

The price for entry is $20 for adults; $10 for youth 18 and under; and free for children under 5 years old.

For more information, contact (773) 955-0294 or peerpluswellness@gmail.com.

Peer Plus Event - July 2014